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"Blackphase" Overlay For Moog Subharmonicon

"Blackphase" Overlay For Moog Subharmonicon

This is an aftermarket overlay that you place over the front panel faceplate of your Moog Subharmonicon synthesizer. The overlay's artwork uses high contrast graphics and large fonts for easy viewing in low light.


Note that we also make overlays for the Moog Mother-32 and DFAM that match this color-scheme.


Overlay Installation Instructions:

(Watch the installation video here)


- Loosen the patch bay nuts using a 5/16 inch socket or small wrench (available from most local hardware stores or from our web-store by clicking this link).  There is no need to completely remove the nuts, just loosen them about a nut's width from the front panel surface so there is room for the overlay to slide beneath the nuts.


- Remove the front panel knobs.  You may need to use a small knife or letter opener to pry the knobs off.  We recommend wrapping the knife with masking tape to avoid scratching the front panel.


- Remove the 8 front panel screws using a Phillip's head screwdriver.


- Place the overlay over the synthesizer's front panel, making sure it lays flat.  It should sit clear of or behind all front panel nuts, including the nuts around the knob and switch controls.  Depending on how the overlay is sitting on your particular unit, you may need to loosen more nuts than just the ones on the patch panel.


- At this point, before the nuts are tightened or the screws are put back in, the overlay should lay flat against the front panel of your synthesizer.  If this is not the case, there is probably a nut somewhere on the front panel or patchy that needs to be loosened so the overlay can slide behind the nut.  In some rare cases, the overlay may still not lay completely flat.  If this is the case, then you may need to use a few pieces of removable adhesive to make it fit snug.  The adhesive we recommend is called, "Scotch Removable Poster Tape".  It's very thin, and low-tack so it won't damage the original faceplate and it allows you to easily reposition the overlay during installation.  If this adhesive is required, then you will only need one or two small pieces of adhesive per overlay.  Here's a link for this product on Amazon (not affiliated with us):


- If you the overlay is warping or bowing after tightening the nuts and screws, then you may need to slightly loosen and re-tighten them until you find the best fit.


- Re-install all front panel screws, knobs, and nuts.  The nuts only need to be snug using finger-strength.  No need to over-tighten the nuts.  Similarly, you don't need to tighten the screws super-tight.  Note that the smaller-sized knobs are for the sub oscillator pitch and mixer controls.


The overlay is printed on a highly durable, waterproof, and 100% recyclable polyester sheet (not vinyl, fiber, or plant-based). The matte finish is designed to minimize reflections from ambient light for maximum readability. If the overlay becomes dirty, we recommend gently wiping it down with a soft cloth moistened with water. We do not recommend cleaning the overlay with isopropyl alcohol as this may damage the artwork. Based on our testing, the following substances will severely damage the artwork if left on the surface for an extended period of time: tea tree oil, acetone, nail polish remover, bleach, household cleaners, and hand sanitizer.


Our products are custom manufactured in small batches based on customer demand. Most orders are shipped within 3-5 business days of payment, however in some rare cases it may take up to 2-weeks to process your order. If a shipment delay is expected, then we will contact you to provide an update on your order.


This product is made in the USA and ships from Portland, Oregon. International customers are responsible for paying all import duty and custom clearance fees for their country.


Note: This is an aftermarket product. The product includes the overlay only and does not include a Moog Subharmonicon synthesizer. Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Moog. "Subharmonicon" is a registered trademark of Moog Music, Inc.

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