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"Blue Label Kit" Adhesive Stickers for Korg Electribe 2 Synth (Electribe Skin)

"Blue Label Kit" Adhesive Stickers for Korg Electribe 2 Synth (Electribe Skin)

Product Description:

This product is a sheet of adhesive-backed Shift-Function and High Visibility labels that you apply to your Blue Electribe 2 Synth.


These labels use high contrast printing and large fonts to provide better readability, especially in low light compared with the original front panel labeling on the Electribe 2 machines.  In addition, shift functions are shown next to the corresponding buttons and controls.  The background colors (Grey, Black, Blue, or Red) are intended to match as close as possible to the colors on the respective machines, however since these are printed stickers as opposed to painted metal, the color will not match exactly in all lighting.  These stickers have a glossy topcoat lamination in order to improve contrast and provide physical protection for the printed labeling.  When properly installed the sticker labels will not interfere with any of the synthesizer’s functions.


These sticker labels use an adhesive backing.  The adhesive is moderate-tack, so the labels should stay securely in place, and can be easily removed.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that these labels will not damage the original finish or labeling on your synthesizer.  In our testing, we did not notice any damage to our synthesizers however your results may vary.


Installation And Removal:

If your synthesizer is very dirty, you may want to clean it with a soft cloth or an isopropyl alcohol wipe before installing the overlay. You may also want to wash your hands with soap and water before installing the overlay to prevent getting oils or debris on the adhesive.


To install the stickers, first remove the nine small-sized knobs in the second row on the front panel of your Electribe 2.  Then, simply peel off each label from the backing and place them onto your synthesizer.  We found it helpful to apply a short strip of masking tape along the top of the synthesizer to use as a guide when installing the top row of stickers (see video for a demonstration of this).  Finally, re-install the front panel knobs.


If you decide to remove the labels, there may be a some adhesive residue remaining on the surface of your synthesizer.  In our testing, this residue has been easy to remove simply by rubbing it with fingers or a dry soft cloth.  We do not recommend using any solvents or adhesive removal chemicals to remove the residue as this may damage the original paint on the Electribe 2.  Do not use a heat gun to loosen the adhesive as this could easily melt or warp or otherwise damage the synthesizer.


Manufacturing & Shipping Info:

Our products are manufactured in small batches based on customer demand. Most orders are shipped within 3-5 business days of payment, however in some rare cases it may take up to 2-weeks to process your order. If a shipment delay is expected, then we will contact you to provide an update on your order.  This product is made in the USA and ships from Portland, Oregon, USA.


This is an aftermarket product. The product includes the adhesive overlay kit only and does not include a Korg Electribe 2 synthesizer or sampler. Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Korg Inc.  Electribe and Electribe 2 are trademarks of Korg Inc.

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