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"Oversynth Command Guide For Deluge - Firmware ver4"

"Oversynth Command Guide For Deluge - Firmware ver4"

Updated for Deluge Firmware 4




This product is a digital download of the Oversynth Command Guide For Deluge.  The Command Guide is a  *.pdf file that you can view on your cellphone or computer using any Adobe Acrobat viewer such as a web broswer, eBook reader, document previewer, etc. 


Note:  This product is a digital download file only.  You must use your own cell phone or computer device to read and use this file.


The book is a 'cheat-sheet' reference that you can use to help you remember how to access the various commands and functions on your Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer/sampler/sequencer/groovebox.


The Deluge is an extremely complex electronic musical instrument that usually requires the user to memorize dozens of control combinations in order to access the various command functions.  This guide book concentrates the control combinations into 11 compact pages using a simple cipher code.


This guide is not intended to be a replacement for the Deluge Owner's Manual, available from the Synthstrom website.  The owner's manual explains the Deluge's features and how to use them in great detail and is highly recommended.



The Oversynth Cipher Code Explained


  • Encoders on the Deluge's front panel are color-coded:
    • Purple = Vertical Scroll
    • Orange = Horizontal Scroll
    • Blue = Lower Parameter
    • Green = Upper Parameter
    • Red = Select
    • Yellow = Tempo


  • User Actions are shape-coded:
    • Square Shape --> Push the encoder (using it like a button)
    • Circle Shape --> Turn the encoder
    • Star Shape --> Push & Turn the encoder


Using this cipher allows many Deluge functions to be expressed in a compact space using very short phrases.  For example, nudging a clip horizontally is accomplished by pressing the (purple) Vertical Scroll encoder while turning the (orange) Horizontal Scroll encoder.  With the cipher, this control combination is expressed simply as a “purple square + orange circle” phrase that is printed with two colored shapes and a ‘plus’ sign in the guide book.


Please note, we also sell overlays with the encoders outlined with this color-coding scheme, as well as some of these cipher-phrase commands.  The Deluge Command Guide was developed as a compliment to our Deluge overlay products, but the guide can also be used stand-alone without our overlays.


    •    Add this product to your shopping cart, and follow the instructions for completing the purchase.
    •    After you have completed your purchase, a "Thank You" page will appear with a link for downloading a *.pdf file containing the Deluge Command Guide.  In addition, you will also receive an email message with a link to the digital file.
    •    The link will be active for 30-days.
    •    Click on the link to download the *.pdf file to your computer.

Subscription For Guide Updates:  You will enter your email address when purchasing this item.  We will email you a revised version of this guide whenever it is updated based on customer feedback, new Deluge Firmware revisions, etc.  Your purchase price includes an immediate download of the most current version of the guide, as well as all future updates to the guide.



Once the digital file has been purchased, downloaded to your computer, and uncompressed, you should have a *.pdf file with the Deluge Command Guide.  You can open this *.pdf file immediately by double-clicking on it on your computer (this should launch your default *.pdf file viewer and display the Deluge Command Guide).



If you would like to view the Deluge Command Guide on your cellphone (recommended), you will need to transfer the *.pdf file to your cellphone from your computer.  An easy way to do this is to send it to yourself in an email or text message.  Once one your cellphone, you can view it using an app such as Adober Acrobat Reader or iBooks, etc.




“Deluge” is a trademark of Synthstrom Audible Limited.  Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Synthstrom Audible Limited.


"Adobe Acrobat", "Acrobat", "*.pdf" are trademarks of Adobe, Inc.  Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Adobe, Inc.

This digital product is copyright (C) 2020 Oversynth LLC.  We do not allow other people to sell the included sound files as a sound pack.  You are however free to use any sounds or sequences from this sound pack in your own compositions for personal or commercial use.

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