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"DFAMation" Percussion Sound Pack for Elektron Model:Samples

"DFAMation" Percussion Sound Pack for Elektron Model:Samples

Indulge in the girth and the grit of Moog's famous DFAM semi-modular percussion synthesizer from the comfort of your Model:Samples.  This dark and noisy sound pack makes heavy use of the DFAM's FM, filter sweep, and pitch modulation abilities.  Most of the samples were recorded dry from the DFAM's outputs, however a few were processed through various guitar and bass distortion boxes to provide a little extra grind.

This is a sound pack of percussion and noise samples that you load into your sampler. You can use this sound pack with any sampler, however the kits have been optimized for use with the Elektron Model:Samples. The pack includes a "Hits" folder with over 240 1-shot drum and percussion samples, organized by Bass Drum (BD), Snare Drum (SD), and Percussion (PC) sounds. In addition, a selection of these samples has been organized into twelve 6-sample kits in a seperate "Kits" folder, where each kit has been optimized for loading into the Model:Sampels. All of the kit samples are duplicates of samples that are also found in the "Hits" folder.

All samples are 48KHz, 16-bit, Mono *.wav files.

    •    Add this product to your shopping cart, and follow the instructions for completing the purchase.
    •    After you have completed your purchase, a "Thank You" page will appear with a link for downloading a *.ZIP file containing the sound pack files.  In addition, you will also receive an email message with a link to the digital file.
    •    The link will be active for 30-days.
    •    Click on the link to download the *.ZIP file to your computer.
    •    Double-click on the *.ZIP file to decompress it to show the folders and sample files


    •    Download the latest version of the "Transfer" application from
    •    Connect your Model:Samples to your computer via USB, and launch the Transfer Application.
    •    Use Transfer to select or create the folder directory where you want to load the samples.
    •    Drag folders or individual samples over the Transfer app and the samples will be automatically loaded onto your Model:Samples.
    •    After the samples have been transferred, they are ready to be used.

NOTE:  See the Model:Samples owner's manual for complete instructions on how to load samples into a track.
    •    Select one of the six tracks on the Model:Samples by pressing on the track's performance pad.
    •    Press the [WAVE] button to open the Sample Assign menu.
    •    Use the [Data] push-encoder and the [Back] button to navigate to the "DFAM" folder that was loaded via the Transfer Application as described above.
    •    To load an individual sample to the selected track, navigate to the desired sample and simply click on it with the [Data] push-encoder.  The loaded sample name will now display as a black background with white text.
    •    To load a complete kit with all 6 samples into their respective tracks, open the "Kits" folder and navigate to the folder containing one of the kits.  Using the [Data] push-encoder, press and hold on the kit's folder name until a menu appears that gives the option to load the whole directory.  Select 'Yes' to load all 6 samples.
    •    Enjoy.  :-)


Note:  "DFAM" is a trademark of Moog Music, Inc, and "Model:Samples" is a trademark of Elektron Music Machines.  Oversynth is in no way affiliated with either Moog or Elektron.

All samples in this sound pack are copyright (C) 2020 Oversynth LLC.


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