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"Electromechanical Contraption" Overlay for Soma Laboratory Lyra-8

"Electromechanical Contraption" Overlay for Soma Laboratory Lyra-8

This is an overlay that you place over the front panel faceplate of your Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 synthesizer.  The design uses high contrast graphics and large fonts as much as possible for easy viewing in low light.


Note:  This design uses AI generated content.  It has no text labeling or graphics to indicate the functions of any controls.  This design is intended for musicians who have already memorized the Lyra-8 controls and functions, or who want to explore the possibilities of the device without being limited by knowledge of what the controls actually do.


The overlay is printed on a highly durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant polyester sheet material (not vinyl) for maximum performance and long life.  If the overlay becomes dirty, we recommend gently wiping it down with a soft cloth moistened with water. We do not recommend cleaning the overlay with isopropyl alcohol as this may damage the artwork. Based on our testing, the following substances will severely damage the artwork if left on the surface for an extended period of time: tea tree oil, acetone, nail polish remover, bleach, household cleaners, and hand sanitizer.


Installation Instructions:  See installation video for demonstration.

  • Remove all front panel knobs
    • Each knob has a small set-screw on the side that must be loosened using a small screwdriver (screwdrivers are not provided by
    • Many of the knobs have small plastic spacers on top of their shafts under the knob.  Please be aware of this and set aside these spacers for later.
  • On the back side fo the overlay, there are several adhesive tabs.  Remove the backing from these tabs using tweezers.
  • Place the overlay on top of your Lyra-8 synthesizer
  • Re-install the knobs.
    • Make sure to use the spacers for the appropriate knobs as demonstrated in the installation video
    • The video demonstrates recommended positions for the knobs
    • Tighten the set screws for each of the knobs
  • Finished!   :-)



Our products are custom manufactured in small batches based on customer demand.  Most orders are shipped within 3-5 days of payment, however in some cases it may take up to 2-weeks to process your order.  If a shipment delay of longer than this is expected, we will contact you to provide an update on your order.


This product is made in the USA and ships from Portland, Oregon.  International customers are responsible for paying all import duty and custom clearance fees for their country.


Note:  This is an aftermarket product.  This product includes the overlay only and does not include a Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 synthesizer.  Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Soma Laboratory.

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