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"Oblinear Sequences" Generative Ambient Sound Pack for Dreadbox Typhon

"Oblinear Sequences" Generative Ambient Sound Pack for Dreadbox Typhon

This sound pack is a collection of 30 generative ambient / dark ambient / SciFi sequenced patches for your Dreadbox Typhon synthesizer.  It will help you unlock sonic textures from your Typhon that you might expect to hear from an expensive modular setup, or a boutique high-end hardware synthesizer.  All this is made possible by careful programming of the Typhon’s deep synthesis and sequencing parameters.  You can play these patches as-is, or use them as a starting point for your own creations.  Simply adjust the Typhon’s front panel controls while the sequences are playing, or adjust any of the patch’s parameters to explore whole new tonal landscapes.  You can also connect an external MIDI keyboard to transpose the sequence playback in realtime.


Each patch includes a probabilistic and/or tempo-modulated sequence to showcases how the patch was originally imagined to be played.  The patches make heavy use of the Typhon’s unique capabilities including event probability, FM synthesis, modulation of tempo, time division, FX, and much more.



    •    Add this product to your shopping cart, and follow the instructions for completing the purchase.
    •    After you have completed your purchase, a "Thank You" page will appear with a link for downloading a *.ZIP file containing the sound pack files.  In addition, you will also receive an email message with a link to the digital file.
    •    The link will be active for 30-days so please download the file during that time.
    •    Click on the link to download the *.ZIP file to your computer.
    •    Double-click on the *.ZIP file to decompress it to show the folders and sound files



  • In order to use these sounds you will need the following:
  • Dreadbox Typhon synthesizer running firmware v4.1 or later
  • A computer running the TYPHON PRESENT MANAGER software, available from:
  • USB cable to connect your Typhon synthesizer to your computer


Please see the TYPHON PRESENT MANAGER *.pdf documentation for instructions on how to use the software to upload the sound pack files to your Typhon.  The documentation can be found here:


There are also Youtube videos available with instructions on how to use the TYPHON PRESET MANAGER software.


IMPORTANT:  Before installing this sound pack, please use the TYPHON PRESET MANAGER software to make a backup of the sounds on your Typhon.  This will allow you to restore any previously saved presets on your Typhon if needed.


This sound pack is copyright (C) 2022  We do not allow other people to sell the included sound files as a sound pack.  You are however free to use any sounds or sequences from this sound pack in your own compositions for personal or commercial use.


This is a 3rd party aftermarket product.  Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Dreadbox, Dreadbox-FX, or Dreadbox PC.


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