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"OverCycles" Sound Pack for Elektron Model:Cycles

"OverCycles" Sound Pack for Elektron Model:Cycles


This sound pack is a collection of sounds and sequencer patterns that you load into your Elektron Model:Cycles FM Groovebox. The pack includes a project file in both *.mcprj and SysEx format, containing 16 sequencer patterns, each with 6 original sounds. The 96 individual sounds are also presented as kits and individual sounds in *.mcpst format that can be loaded onto the Model:Cycles for use in each track using Elektron’s ‘Transfer’ app (available from the Elektron website).


Full installation instructions are included with the product.  Installation requires the use of Elektron's Transfer app or a DAW or SysEx managemnt app.




• Add this product to your shopping cart, and follow the instructions for completing the purchase.

• After you have completed your purchase, a "Thank You" page will appear with a link for downloading a *.ZIP file containing the sound pack files. In addition, you will also receive an email message with a link to the digital file.

• The link will be active for 30-days.

• Click on the link to download the *.ZIP file to your computer.

• Double-click on the *.ZIP file to decompress it to show the folders and sound files




Note: "Model:Cycles” is a trademark of Elektron Music Machines. Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Elektron.

This sound pack is copyright (C) 2021 Oversynth LLC. We do not allow other people to sell this items as a sound pack. You are however free to use any sounds or sequences from this sound pack in your own compositions for personal or commercial use.



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